KSFA Statment concerning 1/5/2016 I-65 Tractor Trailer Accident.

On behalf of KSFA, I wanted to make a statement about the accident involving the truck driver on I-65, in Indiana. First and foremost, our thoughts go out to the driver and his family. While this accident is unfortunate, there are a lot of facts not known at this time. We do not know, at the present time, the type of vaping device was involved (open system vs. closed system). We do not know the age of the vaping device, or from where it was purchased. We do not know whether the driver was properly using the vaping device around the time it exploded. We do not know whether the driver had properly maintained the vaping device. 3% of the US population uses electronics cigarettes (9,000,000+). This type of incident is very rare, and typically does not occur when a vaping device is properly used and maintained. I am hopeful that people will wait for these questions to be answered before indicting the industry.

Greg Troutman
Kentucky Smoke Free Association
Legal Counsel